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The plastic granulator must be inspected and tested before it is put into production.

The plastic granulator must be inspected and tested before it is put into production.
Plastic granulator system
In order to keep the plastic granulator granulation system in good working condition, it is necessary to carry out the following inspection and test operations before the newly installed or overhauled plastic granulator is officially put into production:
1 Adjust the movement of the granulation seat so that the nozzle can withstand the mold sprue sleeve. It should be noted that adjustment should be made at low pressure and adjusted after the mold is closed to ensure the safety of the mold.
2 Whether the nozzle used for inspection is suitable for the material to be processed, if it does not meet the type of replacement and can smoothly assemble the line to the front end of the barrel. Before installing the nozzle, you should also pay attention to whether the flow passage is smooth or not.
3 Adjust the screw stroke and anti-flow stroke by the travel switch or displacement sensor, and pay attention to whether the travel switch or sensor is smart and reliable.
4 Adjust the pressure of granulation and the pressure of holding pressure. The pressure from the granulation pressure to the holding pressure is mainly adjusted by the time relay.
5 Adjust the pressure of the back pressure, the pressure of the nozzle control hydraulic cylinder and the pressure of the granulating seat cylinder. These are all tested by the hydraulic drive system relative to the valve+s adjustment rocker.
6 Check that the granulation seat moving rail is clean and greased.
7 Pre-plastic screw running for 5 seconds, check whether there is abnormal noise, and whether the door opening and closing is normal.

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